Why performing arts?

Whether your child wants to be on stage, or just needs a little confidence boost, the performing arts has so much to offer every child’s needs and any situation. The performing arts not only stimulate your body and mind, it helps to develop confidence and social skills, giving young people an excellent start in life.

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Apart from being a really fun way of exercising, dance has so many benefits for students mentally and physically. Dance will increase their stamina, muscle strength, and flexibility, improve their posture, develop their co-ordination, rhythm and balance. In dance, you can express yourself freely using your body to respond to music.


Not only will drama classes help build your child’s confidence, but it will help improve their communication and reading skills. They will learn how to use their voices to their full potential, memorise dialogue and have the opportunity to explore different characters and emotions through role-play. They will learn improvisation, developing their thinking skills and encouraging them to work as team.  Many themes covered in drama help students understand the world around them.


Singing is a fantastic way to tell a story and express emotion. Singing exercises help to improve your child’s speech, vocal range, breathing, pitch, timing and posture. Singing develops more expressive communication and gives students a greater understanding of music.

What we do

4 - 6 years

Students will enjoy a 60 or 90 minute session which is divided equally between singing, dancing and acting. There will be a short break half way through the session for your child to have a quick drink and a snack.

The aim for these sessions is for students to develop their confidence, social skills, focus and communication from a young age. This we believe gives them the best possible head-start in life!

All teachers are trained by Spotlight to work with this age group. To ensure each child is getting full attention, there is a maximum of 16 children per class.

7 - 16 years

These sessions run for 2 or 2.5 hours and are divided equally between singing, dancing and acting. Students are put into age-appropriate groups: 7-9 years, 10-12 years, and 13-16 years. Each group will rotate around the three different classes being taught by experienced teachers who are trained by Spotlight. After the second session there is a 15 minute snack break where all three groups come together.

The aim of these sessions is to develop the students’ performing arts skills and build their confidence and social skills.

For these groups there is a maximum of 20 students per class.

A year in the Spotlight!

The year is divided into four terms, each term consisting of ten weeks.

Term 1:

Technique Term - Students learn a variety of performance skills in all three disciplines, building a repertoire of songs, dance styles, and drama pieces. 

Term 2:

Technique Term - Students continue to learn a variety of performance skills and styles. Parents are invited to join in one session during this term to work alongside their child and see how they are progressing. Plus have heaps of fun!

Term 3:

Presentation term - This is an exciting term where the students put all their new skills into practise in preparation for a presentation on the last day of the term. Each group will perform a rehearsed song, dance and drama piece, giving them, and you, a little taster for…

Term 4:

Show term - This is the term where the students get to show-off everything they have learnt at Spotlight by putting on an exciting show for their family and friends. Each group will have their moment in the spotlight to shine in a song, dance, drama piece and a big finale number!

At Spotlight we like to award commitment and effort.  When a student completes a whole year with us, they will receive a Spotlight certificate.
After two years they will receive a medal every year!